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Of course we think Drones are awesome.

But we're not the only ones!

Wired Magazine

“And now that the Federal Aviation Administration is starting to allow the use of drones by aerial photography companies working with Hollywood studios and high-definition cameras are getting more durable and compact, those formerly tough and expensive shots are only going to get easier. The cinematic possibilities are vast..”


“Before the 2016 Auburn v. Texas A&M football game, Aubie was delivered the game ball by a drone.

Auburn has had a more than 80 year commitment to ongoing aviation education and 75 years of flight training. In fact, in 2015 Auburn became the first university in the nation to attain Federal Aviation Administration approval to operate an Unmanned Aircraft Systems flight school. War Eagle!”

Drone Exemptions for Hollywood Pave the Way for Widespread Use

“LOS ANGELES — The commercial use of drones in American skies took a leap forward on Thursday with the help of Hollywood.

The Federal Aviation Administration, responding to applications from seven filmmaking companies and pressure from the Motion Picture Association of America, said six of those companies could use camera-equipped drones on certain movie and television sets. Until now, the F.A.A. has not permitted commercial drone use except for extremely limited circumstances in wilderness areas of Alaska.

Put bluntly, this is the first time that companies in the United States will be able to legally use drones to fly over people.

The decision has implications for a broad range of industries including agriculture, energy, real estate, the news media and online retailing. “While the approval for Hollywood is very limited in scope, it’s a message to everyone that this ball is rolling,” said Greg Cirillo, chairman of the aviation practice at Wiley Rein, a law firm in Washington…”

New York Times

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